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Romantic ideas uncovered

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Romantic ideas:

Careful planning before a special occasion is key to making it a success. We have designed these romantic idea packages to give you inspiration as well as to make your planning easier. What we give you in our packages are only guidelines and examples of what you could do to make this an occasion worth remembering. Combine the different ideas to create a whole day of romance or stick to one idea and make it a truly special occasion. Whatever you choose remember that this is an occasion for you to spend some quality time together, so put some thought into what type of activity you choose.
Romantic Ideas:
The Perfect Proposal - Romantic Event Planners
Lovers - Boat Cruise
Indulgent - Chocolate Fondue
Flirtatious - Cocktails
Thoughtful - Picnic
Cosy - Carriage Rides
Wine and Dine - Wine Farm/s
Delight the senses - Self pampering experience

Boat Cruise The Perfect Proposal
– Assistance for you on your special day

Are you looking to Propose? Celebrate an Anniversary? Go on a special date? We offer only the best romantic ideas for you and your loved ones. We have all heard about the guy getting down on one knee and proposing, well its time for some originality: an exotic location, skydiving in Ceres or a helicopter trip to a secret picnic. 

The Perfect Proposal will assist you on your special day to create the most romantic event. We is an event planning company based in Cape Town, South Africa. We offer personalised ideas, on the day set-up and customised packages. Once you have contacted us, our experts will interview you about your relationship and budget requirements. We will then send you tailored ideas to suit your special occasion. Once you have chosen, we will bring these ideas to life. We can arrange venues, catering and all associated services for the event. We specialise in the following:

 -Engagement parties
- Date Planning
- Anniversaries
- Renewing of wedding vows 
- Marriage proposals

The best moments in life are shared with loved ones -– let us help you create those unforgettable memories.
Click here for The Perfect Proposal details
Lovers - Boat Cruise
Boat Cruise Boat Cruise:
Although every charter on the TIGGER 2 is a special occasion, we do offer a very private, exclusive charter for "one couple only" for those extra special occasions such as a wedding proposal, an engagement celebration dinner, an intimate birthday surprise or an anniversary.
The cruise departs from the V&A Waterfront and the couple experience magnificent scenic views as we cruise along the beautiful Cape Coastline with Table Mountain, Lions Head and Signal Hill as a backdrop. The route will be either into Table Bay towards the east coast of Robben Island or hugging the coastline to the well known Clifton 4th Beach to ensure we have the best vantage point from which to watch the sunset. As the sun sinks into the horizon, we present the couple with some light snacks and crack open the method cap classique sparkling wine.
Click here for Tigger 2 details
Indulgent - Chocolate Fondue
Chocolate Fondue Chocolate Fondue:
Why not plan a romantic evening or Valentines Day evening where you invite other couples or, if you are single why not organise a singles night… The Setting: Candle light, rose petals and fresh flowers, soft background music and a warm, comfortable, cosy environment… a roaring fire would be great. The Food: A fantastic idea is to host a chocolate fondue night. Everyone brings some wine and you organise the food. Don’t worry, this doesn’t involve hours of slaving away in the kitchen. Begin the evening with an assortment of cheeses, wine and crackers. This gets the evening going and creates anticipation for the chocolate delight that is to come. Think of all the foods that go well with chocolate… strawberries, grapes, nougat, honeycomb, marshmallows… and whatever tantalises your taste buds. When hosting an evening such as this why not impress your guests and hire a chocolate fountain. The chocolate fountain makes it very easy to dip your delicious treats and adds a sense of fun to the evening.
Flirtatious - Cocktails
Cocktails Cocktails:
The Cape has an assortment of beautiful settings that provide the perfect backdrop for sipping on delicious cocktails. At the end of the day why not surprise your partner by taking them for some refreshing cocktails. It’s great to be surprised every now and then and this is such a fantastic to watch the sun setting on the horizon. Warm summer evenings are the ideal time to go for cocktails. After some mouth watering, juicy delights take a moonlit stroll on Camps Bay beach. If you plan on going home for more cocktails, give this one a try: Flirtatious Lovers Potion - 2 Fresh Strawberries - 4 Fresh Raspberries - 1 Shot Spiced Rum - 1 teaspoon Powdered Sugar - Sweetened Cream. Macerate strawberries and raspberries with rum and sugar. Slightly whip cream. Swirl together 1/3 rum-berry puree with 2/3 slightly whipped cream in a champagne flute. Garnish with berries.
Click here for a cocktail bar
Thoughtful - Picnic
Picnic Picnic:
Picnics are a very romantic way of spending time with each other. The natural beauty of the Cape surroundings supply the setting, what’s important for you is the planning. Preparing a picnic doesn't have to be a daunting task and there are a few things that, if packed, make it look very professional. What we have found through experience is that things that are easy to eat and prepare such as cheese and crackers, muffins, grapes, strawberries (always big points for the romantic), chips and dips etc... always work well. You don't want to arrive and share a rack of ribs or macaroni cheese. A bottle of wine or champagne adds to the romantic occasion and for something non-alcoholic bring along a chilled fresh fruit juice. When organising your picnic basket the utensils you bring with are very important. Most people will be too worried about the food and forget something like the corkscrew (I'm sure you will look very impressive pushing the cork into the bottle with your finger). Make yourself a list beforehand and check that you have the following: 1. A sharp knife (NOT a plastic one) 2. A corkscrew / bottle opener 3. Plates (2 proper side plates are always better than cardboard or plastic plates) 4. Glasses (NOT Styrofoam cups) 5. A picnic blanket. Extras that show you have put thought into it: - Put some ice cubes into a flask, this way they stay frozen for longer - Bring some small or inflatable pillows for extra comfort.
Click here for a list of picnic venues
Cosy - Carriage Rides
Carriage Rides Carriage Rides:
A horse drawn carriage ride for two with champagne is always well received. There is something very romantic about the idea of taking a carriage ride together. It allows you to cuddle up close and experience something which is very different to your average date. Perhaps it’s the sense of old fashion courtship that creates a romantic occasion or the thrill of doing something completely different. Purchase some delicious chocolates and make a personalised card inviting your partner on a carriage ride through the Cape Town gardens. Enjoy the surroundings and company with a bottle of bubbly. Once the carriage ride is over why not head off to your favourite restaurant where you have already made a booking or go back to your place and prepare your date a candle lit dinner that will tantalise their taste buds.
Click here for carriage rides details
Wine and Dine - Wine Farm/s
Wine and Dine Wine Farm/s:
Another romantic activity we would suggest is to Wine and Dine at one of the Cape's historic wine farms. There are an abundance of wine farms on various routes, so you are sure to find one that offers a romantic setting. Wine tasting can add a real sense of fun and provide a great atmosphere to the beginning of the date. Do your homework before the date and read up a little about the wine estate you are visiting. This way you will be able to add some insight to the tasting and show that you put some though into where you took your partner. You don't need to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy the wines on offer; it’s the pleasure of the company that’s important. Usually you will be given a lesson of the wine you taste, either by the person doing the tasting demonstration or on a supplied leaflet. Some descriptions will be statements like "tastes of juicy ripe apricots" or "tastes of freshly cut grass" - (not that we know what that tastes like) but don't worry if you can't make these out, you are there to enjoy yourself. After the wine tasting take a stroll through the vineyards to work up an appetite before your lunch/dinner. If your legs are feeling a bit wobbly after the wine tasting take a seat beneath a shady tree overlooking the vineyards before you make your way to the restaurant. (Make sure you have a booking at the Winelands restaurant). It’s also a good idea to find out what’s on the menu before hand. Give the restaurant a call to make sure you and your partner will like what’s on the menu, particularly to see if they have your partner’s favourite dessert. (If not maybe they can make it for you)
Click here for a list of wine farms
Delight the senses - Self pampering experience
Self pampering experience Self pampering experience:
Delight the senses - Self pampering experience. Before the day, why not surprise your partner with a personalised card that invites them to join you for a days pampering. Make the card yourself with a short message of why you believe they deserve to be pampered. It adds an exciting build up to the special day. It’s also a good idea to plan ahead and organise a joint pampering session for both of you to enjoy together. There are many facilities that offer you; Aromatherapy Massages, Indian Head Massages, Facials, Body Wraps… the list is endless. Something that will impress your partner is if you put a lot of thought into what treatment you choose. An example of this would be if your partner sits in front of a computer all day you could organise a back and neck massage to relieve any tension or if they have a very stressful job, an Indian head massage will help them to relax. The choice is yours. The pampering session creates a peaceful and relaxing setting where you can spend some intimate time together.
Click here for a list of self pampering facilities
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Cape Town Romantic ideas | Cape Town Romantic Locations | Chocolate Fountain Hire South Africa | Romantic ideas in Cape Town, Western Cape

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